Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are a high performance noise absorber that exhibits exceptional acoustic performance for their thickness.

Using patented technology, expanded glass granules are bonded together in a high temperature sintering process to create an acoustic panel. This process enables panels to be produced without any chemical binders thereby creating a noncombustible panel which is free of VOC's and fibers. So now noise control options are possible in areas previously difficult to address due to limitations of fir and other health and environmental considerations.

Panels can be cut, drilled and routed using standard woodworking tools and installation using our recommended adhesive is easy and straightforward.

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  • Bars, cafes and restaurants

  • High fire safety areas

  • Tunnels, vent shafts and exits

  • Fire exits and stairwells

  • Rail tunnels

  • HVAC and industrial enclosures

  • Shooting ranges

  • Swimming pools

  • Wet areas, car washes

  • Road barriers

  • Outdoor weather affected areas

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train station.png
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  • High sound absorption

    • NRC 0.95 (50mm panel)​

    • NRC 0.65 (25mm panel)

  • Non combustible with no smoke​

  • Lightweight (270 kg/m3)

  • 95% recycled product

  • Natural stone look (grey in colour)

  • Fiber free, non toxic, VOC free

  • Paintable

  • Ridged and durable

  • Easy to cut and install

Specifications are subject to change. The data above is typical of average values based on tests by independent laboratories or by the manufacturer and are indicative only. Applications noted above are examples only and materials must be tested under intended service conditions to determine their suitability for purpose. Expanded Glass Technologies disclaims any liability for damages or consequential loss as a result of reliance on the information presented or for subsequent opinions that may be provided.

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