Expanded Glass


The new lightweight aggregate designed to enhance and promote healthy and sustainable construction

Lightweight Aggregate and Fillers

Expanded Glass Technologies supplies ECOLITE expanded glass granules to building product manufacturers across Asia-Pacific. ECOLITE is a non-flammable lightweight aggregate possessing excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Since 1995, our Expanded Glass Granules have been used throughout Europe in lightweight building materials and industrial products. ECOLITE is made from recycled post-consumer glass, making ECOLITE an excellent solution for any organisation striving to develop sustainable building products. 

Six different size ranges  enables customisation of grading curves for any application

Ecolite 100/300

0.1 to 0.3mm

An ideal size for lightweight renders, adhesives and underlayments

Ecolite 500/1000

0.5 to 1.0mm

Great for most applications including screeds, concrete, mortars and panels

Ecolite 2000/4000

2.0 to 4.0mm

Excellent addition to screeds, concrete, blocks, mortars and panels

Ecolite 250/500

0.25 to 0.5mm

Used in Renders, adhesives, underlayments and panels

Ecolite 1000/2000

1.0 to 2.0mm

Effective in reducing weight in screeds, concrete, masonry blocks and panels

Ecolite 4000/8000

4.0 to 8.0mm

Great for lightweight concrete, panels and deep screed beds

High Strength

Ecolite granules are designed for the demands of modern-day construction.

Strong, lightweight, non-flammable with no crystalline silica or VOC's. Ecolite is healthy for homes and good for the environment.

Non Flammable

Non flammable panels can be made with lower weights and greater strengths

High strength/density enables development of  innovative products

Sound Absorbing
Expanded Glass

Porous construction enables acoustic panels  with better performance 


Unlike sand Ecolite does not contain crystalline silica and is VOC*-free 


Manaufactured from sustainably sourced recycled glass 

*Volatile Organic Compound

* Data sourced from publicly available material

Ecolite Outershell

Ecolite Granule Cutaway

Competitor Granule Cutaway

Granule Strength

An electron microscope reveals the closed outer shell and consistency of Ecolite's internal porous structure. These characteristics result in superior strength/density ratios and a reduction in water absorption.



Ecolite expanded glass for lightweight render
Ecolite expanded glass for lightweight screed
Ecolite expanded glass for lightweight concrete
Ecolite expanded glass for lightweight tile adhesive
Ecolite expanded glass for pre-fab panels
Ecolite expanded glass for Acoustic panels

Available in 6 different size ranges, the possibilities with Ecolite are endless.


Our application table provides a good starting point for selecting and in incorporating Ecolite into your products.


Replacing 'like for like' sizes with your current normal weight filler is also a good place to start.

Polystyrene Litter Pervades Yarra River

Polystyrene, especially expanded polystyrene (EPS) has been identified as the most prevalent and pervasive litter item in the Yarra River, according to a 2020 report by YRKA. The report was funded by the Victorian Government with support from the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water. Since April 2018, approx 38,000 kg of polystyrene contaminated soil and general waste have been removed from the Yarra's riverbanks and reedbeds.

In addition to physical EPS material, styrenes, the building blocks of the polymer, are found in marine and freshwaters and sediments globally (Kwon et al., 2015, 2017). Because polystyrene plastic is thought to be one of the only sources of styrenes in the environment, the styrene contamination is likely a result of polystyrene weathering and leaching in marine and freshwater systems (Kwon et al., 2017). Furthermore, in some parts of the world EPS has been cited as a source of other chemicals to the environment (Rani et al., 2015; Jang et al., 2017).

Barmand, S., Goodsell, K., Yardley, D., Kowalczyk, N. (2020). Polystyrene Pollution in the Yarra River: Sources and Solutions. Yarra Riverkeeper Association

Read the full report here

Expanded Glass Granules are a non toxic and sustainable alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in building products such as concrete, mortars and fire resistant insulating panels.


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